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by Sapien MRSS MRSS

Painted, weather steel and empty space. Panels are punctuated with tiny wording holes allowing air to flow through the spiral sculpture.

h: 86 w: 80 d: 40 (cms).

Vertebreath is a spiral, poem sculpture inspired by Sufi poetry and the Japanese tradition of Wabi-sabi. Spirals are eternal signs of the invisible organising power at work in the universe, used here to show the presence of our most precious gift; the breath. Rods are used to join the blades but also reveal secret, spiral geometries. The breath is the spine of life, the sacred essence we ignore, suspended in the primordial void it awaits your birth with a bated blow, she dances between worlds, inflating rock to bone - she is the hidden engine of life. The abstract sculpture is made from steel with a labour intensive patination process to give a unique dark, weathered finish - a collaboration between the elements, human hands & time. The piece is meticulously hand crafted from more than 240 individual components, emphasising repetition found in nature. The welding process highlights the raw beauty of imperfections. Each of the 24 blades are punctuated with tiny holes allowing air to move through the artwork as it leaps and twists to life. The holes form abbreviated words 'IN' & 'EX' staggered on each blade, symbolising the life-giving inhale-exhale exchange.


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