The Impostor

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by elise bikker Ph. D.

Bronze on bronze-coated steel base

h: 54 w: 51 d: 47 (cms).

“The Impostor” is a capercaillie (grouse) pretending to be a peacock by sporting a tractor seat serving as a tail. The "borrowed feathers" trope recurs in numerous classical fables which teach us "that one ought not to plume oneself on the merits which belong to another, but ought rather to pass his life in his own proper guise." (Phaedrus, fable III) “The Impostor” is part of a series of bronze sculptures I continue to work on, titled “Figures of Speech”, consisting of hybrid creatures that each cross a boundary of some kind. They morph from human into (mythological) animal or machine and vice versa. Paradoxically, these subhuman hybrids lay bare often hidden characteristics that are quintessentially human. As a visual artist I am interested in the shadow side of the human psyche, i.e. those parts that stay hidden, even to oneself. My explorations are translated into both bronze sculptures and pastel drawings.


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